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Hannibal and Ginger by kurtoons
Hannibal and Ginger
From my webcomic, HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE ( ) ; Hannibal Tesla is a two-fisted scientist in the Doc Savage tradition who travels the world and beyond fighting evil in the futuristic world of 1935.  Ginger DuPree is a gutsy girl reporter with a talent for trouble and a fondness for lightning guns.

You can support my comic through PATREON:…
Cat-Men from Mars:  Meet the Cast by kurtoons
Cat-Men from Mars: Meet the Cast
A bonus pic I drew for PATREONS of my webcomic, HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE… depicting characters from the "Cat-Men from Mars" storyline.  Going from right to left, we have:

Dr. Benjamin Grue -- rocket scientist in charge of a planned expedition to Mars
Maia -- a servant girl in the Emperor's palace
Major Brad Carter -- Rocket pilot with in the US Army Space Corps 
Lt. Mrel -- a member of the Martian's advance invasion force on the Moon
The Lunarian -- mysterious echo of a vanished alien civilization
Perihelion ("Peri") Grue -- Daughter of Dr. Grue and a friend of Ginger's
Ginger DuPree -- Plucky girl reporter
Emperor Antigonus Excelsior Rowlbrazzle Puff XXVII ("Emperor Puff") -- The Emperor of the Martian Cat-Men
Admiral Coeurl -- Commander of the Martian invasion force
The Old One -- Sole survivor of the ancient race who created the Cat-Men as part of their unending war against the Lunarians
Willie Brightman -- An astronomer at the Goddard Space Station
Sir Nigel Malcolm-Sangazure -- Administrator of the Stent Observatory on the Moon, secretly in league with the Martians
Miss Beladonna Darling -- Sir Nigel's efficient assistant
Arch-Prelate Ackthpt -- High Priest of Mars
Lord Rumtum -- Chief Adviser to the Emperor
Gelatinous Hipster by kurtoons
Gelatinous Hipster
There are some monsters you just don't want to meet in a dungeon.

Yes, I know, present-day hipsters don't dress like Beatniks.  So much the worse for them.  I considered giving the cube a set of bongo drums, but I realized, how would he play them?  Then again, it's while you're trying to figure out those kinds of logic holes that these monsters attack you.

This cartoon appeared in Knights of the Dinner Table #216.
Fantasy Volleyball by kurtoons
Fantasy Volleyball
Sometimes adventurers just want to set aside their swords and have some fun at the beach.

A cartoon that ran in Knights of the Dinner Table #214 
Have a Merry Cat-Men Christmas by kurtoons
Have a Merry Cat-Men Christmas
This is a color version of a sketch I did last year to wish all of Ginger's fans a Merry Christmas.  You can read Ginger's adventures fighting the Cat-Men from Mars at HANNIBAL TESLA ADVENTURE MAGAZINE ( ).  Even better, you can support my webcomic by becoming a PATREON ( )


kurtoons's Profile Picture
Kurt Wilcken
United States
In my Secret Identity, I am a Ninja Cartoonist. I livein the Enchanted Land-O-Cheese with my wife, two daughters, two cats, a snake, a couple finches, a lot of fish and a hat-full of ferrets.

Back in the Caveman Days, I used to draw my own comics and sell them out of my backpack. In the early '90s I drew a lot of furry stories for Antarctic Press and Radio Comix. These days I'm drawing a webcomic called Hannibal Tesla Adventure Magazine you can find at Kurtoons Online

I have also done some children's illustration and draw cartoon portraits at local craft events

Current Residence: The Enchanted Land-O-Cheese
Favourite genre of music: Jazz
Favourite cartoon character: It varies
Personal Quote: "All the World's a Stage and Everyone's a Critic." --Mervyn Alquist
Dr. Johnson once said that nobody but a blockhead ever drew nekked cat-babes except for money.  This comes to mind because my sweet thing has been reminding me that I'm not actually making any money off my webcomic (… ).  So maybe I ought to mention that I am always available for commissioned art.  I specialize in furries, but I also do cartoon portraits, gaming sketches, comic book characters, a li'l bit of everything.

Send me a message and let me know what you'd like to draw.

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